GFC 600H Helicopter Flight Control System Approved in AS350

Our GFC 600H helicopter flight control system has achieved FAA Supplemental Type Certification in the AS350 B2/B3. This attitude-based flight control system boasts a number of helicopter-tailored safety features, including attitude hold, Garmin Helicopter Electronic Stability and Protection, dedicated return-to-level mode, hover assist, as well as overspeed and low speed protection. The GFC 600H requires the Garmin G500H1 or G500H TXi flight display and offers integration with compatible instruments and navigation sources.

With advanced AHRS technology and redundant, cross-checking sensors, GFC 600H was designed for smooth handling, providing inputs to help stabilize the helicopter while hand-flying. The stability provided by the system offers significant workload reduction and great benefits to helicopter operators by maintaining a commanded attitude. Designed with the pilot in mind, its cyclic-mounted trim controls allow for seamless interactions without taking a hand off of the helicopter flight controls during basic operations, including system initialization of attitude hold mode, adjustments of the pitch and roll trim, and much more. While flying in attitude hold mode, pilots can easily “fly through” the flight control inputs for smooth maneuvers beyond the preset trim condition.

Stack in helicopter featuring mode controller, transponder and navigator
GMC 605H mode controller for GFC 600H helicopter flight control system

Hover Assist

Hover assist mode is capable of automatically detecting a hover condition, and provides flight control inputs to help maintain position over the ground. With the optional yaw axis control, the GFC 600H will also hold heading while in a hover. In addition to hover assist mode, groundspeed hold2 is also available, allowing the pilot to input a forward or sideways command, which can be particularly useful during taxi and take-off.

Garmin H-ESP

Garmin Helicopter Electronic Stability and Protection (H-ESP) helps the pilot remain within a safe flight envelope when hand-flying the helicopter. H-ESP works in all modes – even when the system is not engaged – and can be manually disabled to allow for maneuvering flight. The GFC 600H also features a dedicated level mode that can be engaged by the pilot to return to straight-and-level flight, helping to avoid a potential loss-of-control scenario.

For enroute and approach navigation, the system uses guidance from a compatible Garmin navigator, such as the GTN 750/650 series, to automatically fly approaches and search and rescue patterns. Additional vertical and lateral modes include altitude hold, altitude select, vertical speed, indicated airspeed and heading select.   

Mode controller for GFC 600H helicopter flight control system
GMC 605H mode controller

The GFC 600H features a stack-width mode controller with push-button controls and a night vision goggle (NVG) compatible display. Its robust architecture supports a 3-axis configuration to provide the features and handling characteristics needed for a helicopter. Integrated “smart” servos provide pitch and roll inputs as commanded by the system, and the available third servo and collective sensor provide yaw axis control capability and smooth flight control adjustments when the pilot moves the collective. Digitally controlled, high-torque servos allow for faster, crisper, more powerful response, which enables the GFC 600H to perform with smooth efficiency and advanced capability.

With its extensive features and advanced technology, the GFC 600H offers unprecedented value at a competitive price. It is supported by our award-winning aviation product support team, which provides 24/7 worldwide technical and warranty support.

Garmin GFC 600H: Helicopter Flight Control System

1.Requires additional sensors.

2.Requires a GTN 650/750 or GTN 650Xi/750Xi touchscreen navigator.

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Get FREE 30-Minute Strength Workouts

ATTENTION: I’m looking for some fitness enthusiasts to try out some brand new FREE workouts, all around 30 minutes in duration—dumbbells and bodyweight movements—and offer feedback if interested.


Starting in March, you’ll get free weekly workouts delivered directly to your inbox. You can try them out, 100% risk-free, and send back what you thought about them… whether you liked them (or not) and whether you’d do them again. Or if you just want some short strength workouts to get you ready for spring and summer, then grab them! No strings attached.

#STRONGMADESIMPLE is launching Monday, April 6th, and your feedback would be a huge favor to me! 

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Chuze Love: The Story of Our Team Members Chase and Melissa Pantoja

Chuze Love: The Story of Our Team Members Chase and Melissa Pantoja

There’s a famous song by Frank Sinatra called LOVE that starts with, “L is for the way you look at me.” and that is just how this Chuze love story began—with a look. For those of us who are inspired by love, love-at-first-sight stories are those of dreams. So, today we want to introduce you to Chase and Melissa, who want to share with all of you how they found forever love.

The Very Beginning

This journey actually starts in Chuze Fitness, the Cypress, California location to be exact. Chase and Melissa saw each other in the gym and—well—we will let Melissa explain, “It was love at first sight if you ask me!” From then on, Melissa and Chase started dating, “I would say we have both been influential in each other’s growth as a person. We push each other out of our comfort zones, encourage each other, and have fun together. We’ve been a part of several big life experiences together, my college graduation, promotions at work, family vacations, etc. each of these experiences only brought us closer together.”

Their Favorite Things

Through all of this experience, they’ve found their favorite things in one another, Chase explains, “Melissa cares about people on such a deep level. She lives life selflessly, and anyone she encounters can feel that immediately about her.” And Melissa gushes, “When I first met Chase, his smile made my heart skip a beat! Now that I know him as a person, I really love how deeply he cares for people and his passion. He is passionate about his work, his family, and his friends.” 

The Chuze Family

We see those attributes in each of them as Team Members. At Chuze, Melissa and Chase are an integral part of our work family, Melissa shares her history with us, “I am the Assistant General Manager of the Anaheim location! I started off with Chuze six years ago as a part-time team member at the Cypress, CA location. Throughout my journey with Chuze, I have helped manage several locations (Cypress, Westminster, and Anaheim, California). I started off as a Chuze member and fell in love with the culture and the atmosphere and knew I just had to work here!” Chase has worked his way up in operations, “I am the Regional Director of Operations for California which right now includes San Diego, Orange County/Los Angeles, and the Inland Empire. I have worked with Chuze Fitness for 6.5 years now and started my journey with the Chuze Family as a Supervisor/Assistant General Manager for our Westminster, CA location. I was fortunate enough to get an opportunity as expansion started in Orange County and found the listing for leadership positions for Chuze Fitness from a Craigslist ad crazy enough!”

The Proposal

And while much of their story happened within our gyms, their engagement did not. Melissa shares her side of the story, “OKAY! This is definitely one of my favorite things to talk about. So, after I graduated college we planned a trip to visit my brother in England (he is in the AirForce and was stationed there) and during our trip, we also planned on visiting Iceland. During one of our days in Iceland, we hiked around to different waterfalls. During the hike, Chase grabbed my hand and walked me to an open grassy area. We stopped in front of this HUGE waterfall, and Chase got down on one knee and asked if I would be his wife.” Chase’s story is filled a little more with nerves, “Melissa summed it up pretty well and was amazing! The ‘behind-the-scenes’ of this story was that I was a nervous wreck flying internationally with a ring in my carry on and hoping that security didn’t decide to search my bag for any reason! Nathan Muzquiz, our VP of Operations, lent me this small ring holder that was attached to my backpack that was key in keeping it low-key from Melissa for the big surprise!”

The Wedding

Since then, they have gotten married and started their life together as husband and wife, “We got married in Portland, OR. Portland was our first of many vacations together, and we fell in love with the city right away. The scenery, the people, and the coffee! When we were looking for wedding venues, it was a no-brainer that we had to get married in Portland. Honestly, people ask us all the time, ‘how is the married life’ and we always answer ‘the same.’ I feel as though we’ve always had that deep connection, and getting married just made it ‘official!’ Chuze was a HUGE part of our wedding…literally huge. 80% of our guests were our Chuze Family! Chase and I are extremely fortunate to have had so many of our Chuze Family members make the trip out to Portland to celebrate our wedding with us. It was absolutely incredible.” Shares Melissa. Chase tells us how life has changed since that day, “The only thing I can think of that has evolved since we got married is a deeper awareness of living in the moment, being present, and appreciating each other’s time. Each day is a blessing to be with one another, and it’s something we don’t take for granted. Post-wedding I think we have such gratitude for all of our Chuze Family (like Melissa said—80% of the wedding) who traveled all the way to Portland, OR for our wedding. We always loved them, but that took things to another level for us. It truly is family.”

Their Favorite Memory 

Their favorite memory from Chuze (and a beautiful memory for so many of us) is from their wedding, Melissa remembers, “I would have to say spending the week with our Chuze Family in Portland for our wedding was our most fond memory together. Spending time with people we get to work with every day in a more casual setting—going white water rafting, attending festivals, going on hikes—was extremely special, and a week we will hold near and dear to our hearts forever.” Chase looks back, “If we were going to have people fly out to Portland, OR for our wedding, Melissa and I wanted to make it super special for everyone flying out, and a lot of them were from Chuze and had never been to Portland. We wanted to show everyone why we loved Portland so much, and since we had been there so many times, we knew exactly what places to take them for them to have an epic week. We shared memories of that wedding week that we will never forget, and all of us talk about it often. It’s very special.”

Work/Life Balance

With work and life being so intertwined, we wanted to know how they strike a good balance, “While this wasn’t easy to do at first, we quickly realized we needed a work-life balance. Now, when we’re spending time together, we make it a point not to talk about work.” Melissa shares.

Their Advice

In the name of love, we need to know what each of their tips are for a healthy relationship, Melissa has advice we should all keep, “UNPLUG! When you are spending time with your significant other or any loved one for that matter, be present with them not with your technology. Since Chase and I have started being more mindful about being present we have really been able to grow our relationship even further and spend good quality time together.” Chase shares, “Communication is such a huge part of a healthy relationship and Melissa has taught me a thing or two about this throughout the years. We are very open with one another about our feelings and if something is bothering us we speak up, address it, and then resolve it. It allows me to understand her, and her to understand me and that’s what a good relationship is all about. When someone just ‘gets you,’ it’s such a great feeling, and for that to happen, there needs to be communication.”

Final Thoughts

Finally, Chase shared a special sentiment with us, “Love is about the journey and not the destination. Appreciate the hour you get to spend with your loved one before you go to bed at night, the kiss you get on the forehead when your loved one is off to work, the surprise dinner that was made, and the random ‘I love you’ text. The appreciation of these things is sometimes hard when life is coming at you a mile a minute, but taking the time to live deeply in the moment will allow for true happiness.”

Thank you, Chase and Melissa, for being a part of our Chuze Family and for inspiring us with our journey. We are so grateful to have you. And, to our members, we hope these stories give you a glimpse behind the scenes. If you would like to share your story with Chuze, contact us at

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Chuze Love: The Story of Our Team Members Nathan and Julia Muzquiz

Chuze Love: The Story of Our Team Members Nathan and Julia Muzquiz

When it comes to love stories, some of the best have flourished under the roof of Chuze Fitness. And today, we are going to tell you about Nathan and Julia Muzquiz, whose story is no exception. In celebration of Valentine’s day, we want to highlight their story to inspire you in love and life. So, let’s get into it.

How It Began 

Nathan and Julia’s story had its start in high school, where they were acquaintances. Their relationship  took off in 2009 when they officially met through some mutual friends at the pool at Julia’s parents’ house. On that first day, they laughed so much that Julia had sore abs. Their early days were full of adventure; Julia says, “Our days were filled with snorkeling, riding on the back of his motorcycle, drives through the mountains, stargazing, snowboarding trips, trips to Six Flags, and pool parties with our greatest friends. That was my favorite summer.”

Joining The Chuze Fitness Team 

Nathan joined the team at Chuze Fitness in March of 2011. At the time, he and Julia were members who were still dating. He started off as a team member in Santee, California, and has since taken on every operations role, including Assistant Manager, General Manager, District Manager, and Regional Director. Now—through all of the opportunity at Chuze—Nathan has worked his way to his most current role, “Most recently I took on a VP role and now oversee all operations for the company, spanning seven districts and four states. It’s been a wild ride, and I’ll be hitting 9-years with Chuze next month on March 2nd!” Back in October of 2012, Nathan told Julia about a Supervisor position in Orange County, and with all of her management experience, she seemed like the perfect fit for the job. Julia told us how her journey unfolded, “The General Manager took me through a very long recruiting process and wanted to be 100% sure I was the right person for the job. I was very thankful for that! After my time at Cypress, I was promoted to Assistant Manager and opened our next location in Garden Grove, California. Westminster, California, was my next destination as the General Manager. After that, I spent three years as the District Operations Manager for all Orange County locations before moving on to my current role where I’ve been for the past two years. It has been so cool to see our company grow from 8 locations to 30!” Julia is now the Director of Recruiting at Chuze Fitness.

The Proposal

Julia and Nathan’s story grew (and continues to grow) throughout their time at Chuze, and we were curious to hear all about their engagement story. Julia shared, “Nathan and I had plans to go stargazing after work one day in October, but because it was raining, we decided to carve pumpkins instead. Even after him trying VERY hard to convince otherwise, before coming over, I had to stop to get my pajama pants—PJs are very important to me. When I pulled up at his house, he met me outside and said I needed to pick which pumpkin I wanted to carve. He opened the trunk of his car where there were two pumpkins, I picked the large one on the left. He grabbed the other pumpkin, and we went inside. When we entered his house, I immediately noticed that the house felt darker than usual. Before I was able to ask where his parents were or why the house was so dark, he nudged me toward the kitchen. In the completely dark room, there stood a carved pumpkin lit by a single candle with big block letters, “WILL YOU MARRY ME!” I stood there for a second questioning if this message was for me. Once I realized that his parents were already married, and his only other sibling was living in New Jersey, I turned around to find Nathan on one knee with the most beautiful ring in a box with a bright LED light. After I said yes, I heard Nathan’s parents shout from upstairs, “Can we come down now?!” All photos from this day include me, my brand new fiance, and my pajama pants.”

Their Favorite Things

We know all of our favorite things about this dynamic duo—from their hard work, leadership skills, and the laughter they bring to our entire team—but what they love about one another is even better! Nathan told us about the attributes that make him love Julia, “My favorite thing about Julia is her passion for helping others and her love of animals. She will go out of her way to try and make someone’s day and is super thoughtful and sensitive to other people’s feelings. She is the reason we love boxer dogs since she had a boxer when we started dating, and now we have three of them and two cats! She is also super determined and disciplined with her work. And if there are things to be done, she won’t stop until it’s complete, even if it means putting together packets for her workshops into the wee hours of the morning.” Julia still enjoys the laughs that make her abs hurt to this day, “My top two favorite things about Nathan are his humor and his intelligence. From the day we met until now, laughter has always been the core of our relationship. It has gotten us through the tough times, the arguments, stress, and even grief. For me, specifically, laughter gets me out of my own head whenever I’m too worried about something.”

Their Wedding Day 

All of those things lead to their beautiful wedding, which was filled with love, laughter, and a little bit of Chuze. Nate gave us some insight into the day, “Our wedding was awesome, and we had a huge showing of support from our Chuze Family. We had fellow teammates, managers, owners, and even a few members that we became friends with in attendance. We even incorporated the Chuze slogan and logo into a few table centerpieces for tables that had coworkers at them. It was a great day, and we were so glad to share it with everyone.”

The centerpiece at Nate and Julia's wedding that says "Less Attitude. More Fitness."

Chuze In Their Story

With our slogan on the table at their wedding, we had to dig a little deeper. When asked how Chuze is a part of their story, they shared, “Working together has really helped our communication with each other outside of work. When the two of us made up the Orange County District Team, we HAD to communicate effectively with each other and with the teams. If we didn’t, it showed in the performance of our teams and the clubs. Chuze has played a huge part in our story as we’ve made some of our closest friends through Chuze. Chuze has been there for us when we’ve had incredible highs but also when we’ve experienced our lows. When we found out we were pregnant, we were just as excited to share with our Chuze Family as we were our parents. Because of Chuze, we’ve grown both personally and as professionals and couldn’t see ourselves being a part of another organization. Chuze is ingrained in our family at this point, so much so that even our 11-month-old son has a uniform and a name tag for when he comes to visit our kids club.” 

Keeping a Work/Life Balance

But, when you work together, live together, and grow together, it can be hard to keep work and life separate, “It’s a long commute to work for both of us, so we always call each other when we’re on our way home from work. This is our time to talk about our day and to talk about work. When we’re home, that’s our time to be together and focus on our family. I won’t lie, there are plenty of moments where work gets talked about when we’re out to dinner, playing a board game, or sitting on the couch. Our work and life balance is definitely a muscle we’re constantly exercising. We also love camping trips! Lots of camping trips! Any opportunity to disconnect from our phones and computers, we take it! We also maintain professionalism at work by never referring to each other as ‘my wife’ or ‘my husband’ in the workplace and ask that other people don’t do it either. It’s been important to us that each of us is viewed as individuals first. When we’re at work, we are Nate and Julia only.”

Their Favorite Memories 

With all of that time in the club, (And a baby with a uniform? We’re so in love!) they have built a ton of great memories within our four walls, “It’s hard to name just one, but I think the Cypress club and it’s members will always have a special place in our heart. Having opened that club in a new district together, we made lasting connections to the member base there early on. Everyone knew that the opener each day was Julia and that her fiance was Nate, and he closed the gym at night. Anytime I (Nate) visit the club now, I still run into members I’ve known for close to 7 years now, and being able to share life updates with them is really special. For the original members there to know us as youngsters dating, to being engaged, to married, to now parents is a real special tie to that location. Heck, we’ve even been able to purchase our first house AND our current house with the help of a Cypress member. ” 

Their Advice in Love

Finally, we are asking all of our Chuze couples for their best advice in love. Nathan and Julia shared a beautiful sentiment with us, “Laughter and communication. Don’t take things so seriously and keep your life’s challenges in perspective. Know that little gestures of affection to make the other smile and know you were thinking about them matter, like leaving a single flower tucked into the door handle on their car for them to find after their day at work, or knowing when to come home with Poke.”

We are so grateful for our Chuze Family. From our team members to our members, everyone who walks in our door is a piece of the pie that we need to move forward. We hope that our stories on Chuze love inspire you, and we cannot wait to share more insights from behind the scenes as we grow. If you would like to share a story with us, send us an email at We cannot wait to hear from you!

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Tips for Long-term Success!

Happy Thursday, friends! Can you believe we’re finally into February!? Usually I say “we’re already” BUT I feel like January was quite possibly one of the longest months ever so YAY for new beginnings in February!

It’s really easy at this point to want to give up on something you may have started in January but I’m here to tell you that we want to focus on long term and overall health, not just killin’ it in January and not being able to keep up that pace all year long.


As a Trainer, it’s really common to see January be very busy at the gym and then start to taper off as the months go by.

My goal is for my clients and for YOU to find something you can stay consistent with doing over the whole year (and the rest of your life!) instead of quick fixes and extremes.

Super easy to feel overwhelmed with all of the messages out there about the new year, but by focusing on a few things & staying consistent, you’ll be better off than going to extremes.

I’m going to share all of my secrets with you ;] and if you could hear my voice, you’d hear my sarcasm with the word secrets because it can so be over-used in the fitness space.

There really aren’t any “secrets” – we’ve just got facts.

I’ve got nothing “sexy” or title catching but what I will tell you is that you will find progress in the basics over time, not extremes.

Here are my simple & BASIC keys for overall health:

  • Lift the weights minimum 2X per week
    • We want to build muscle so that we can not only be stronger, but also help with bone density, metabolism, & overall movement.
  • Focus on movement throughout the day. MOVEMENT is important. Aim for 7-10k steps per day to stay in the active category. Your body and mind will thank you.
    • Take walks on your lunch break, take your dog for a walk, or walk with a friend. 
  • Get your heart rate up minimum 1-2X per week
    • You don’t need to be doing burpees until you throw up 1-2x per week, you just need to try to get into an “uncomfortable” space with heart rate where you can’t easily hold a conversation a few times per week to help keep the heart healthy & strong.
  • Focus on nutrient dense food. We want to put into our bodies foods that have vitamins, minerals, fiber, carbs to fuel, fats to nourish, & protein to build/recover.
  • Enjoy things that you…ENJOY!
    • Giving yourself a base of nutrient dense foods + a harmony of “not so” nutrient dense foods means happy mental health without going to extremes because that food will always be there. If you want a donut, enjoy your donut, and just make sure your other meals are nutrient dense to help support the bod.
  • Reduce stress (easier said than done) BUT where are areas you can improve on?
    • Maybe going for that walk or taking time for yourself is exactly what you need to just chill out. I recently started acupuncture and now that my wrist is feeling better, I want to get back into Yoga to help re-center.
  • SLEEP. Get that quality sleep every night. Seriously. SLEEP is so so dang important. Clock in 7-9 hours per night to help with overall health.
  • HYDRATE. It’s easy to be so busy that we forget to drink the water but get yourself a big water bottle & make it a goal to finish 2 or 3 of them a day.
    • Adding in electrolytes like these new tabs from Now Foods is a SUPER easy way to get hydrated and get in electrolytes! 
  • Surround yourself with people who lift you up & support you.
    • It’s so easy to feel alone in our journeys but there really are people out there who feel the same way you do and having someone to check in with and feel supported by is so important for our mental health as well.

Obviously with February, we tend to think of all things love so I’m going to chat about a few products that I personally love from my friends at NOW foods that help me stay consistent with my journey.


Protein Powder – I personally have been NEEDING to get in a good 25-40 more grams of protein per day for my own goals and while I do believe in getting most of our macronutrients from real food, I find that supplementing with a protein shake each day is an EASY and TASTY way to get in those extra protein needs.


I’m loving the Organic Plant Based protein lately along and the hubs loves the Chocolate Grass-Fed whey.

I use the protein in my oats or just mix it with water or almond milk post-workout or anytime during the day to add to my totals.


Monk Fruit – I love using this in baking! I’ve always been a stevia fan but I have to admit, the monk fruit has a smoother taste and I’ve been using it to add some sweetness to baked goods or my coffee.

Electrolytes – these are something I always knew about but really started implementing this year. Electrolytes have sodium, potassium, and magnesium to help support your workouts, especially if you’re sweating a lot or working out in hot climates. I use these when I’m doing cardio based workouts or sip throughout the day to make my water taste better so I get in more ounces.


NOW’s new Effer-hydrate tabs are sweetened naturally & an easy way to get in some electrolytes! I pop 1-2 in my takeya bottle for the day.

Simple additions to your life from the list above can help maintain a consistent journey of fitness and wellness. Don’t over-complicate or go to extremes – the magic is in the consistency over time!

What’s one area you think you can improve on?

Be true to you,

xo Kasey




Thank you to my friends at NOW Foods Official for sponsoring this post and as always, all opinions are my own.

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Chuze Love: The Story of Members Rissy and Conor

Chuze Love: The Story of Members Rissy and Conor

We have been lucky to hear so many of your love stories over the past several years, and we wanted to take some time this February to highlight some of those stories so that we can all be inspired by the love that surrounds us every day. Today, we are going to learn about Conor Watkins and Rissy Dollins and their journey to forever love.

Meet Conor and Rissy

Conor and Rissy both landed jobs in the entertainment department of Disneyland and had been working there for several years, but they did not know of one another. Rissy is rooted in the entertainment industry, with several jobs as a stunt performer in Los Angeles and at the Knott’s Berry Farm Wild West Stunt Show. But, in March of 2016, Disneyland was working on a revamp of their show, Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple, and scheduled Conor and Rissy to work together for the first time ever. It was March 5th, a date they both remember. Since then, they started to get scheduled together regularly, and their friendship and bond over storytelling blossomed into love.

How They’ve Grown

We wanted to learn how their relationship has grown since then, and when asked, they shared a poignant answer, “Throughout the past almost four years, we’ve learned how to be the best teammate for the other person. We’ve had a lot of practice in loving each other in the ways that encourage us to become better versions of ourselves. In turn, we can offer our best selves to the other person.” 

What They Love About One Another

Through that growth, they’ve found their favorite attributes in one another, Rissy shared her favorite things about Conor with us, “I love that I can be unapologetically myself with him. He doesn’t judge me, his words and actions always leave me feeling loved, appreciated, and respected, and he keeps me laughing with a lot of sass and dad jokes.” Conor shared insight into Rissy’s work effort, “My favorite thing about Rissy is her attitude. She sees something and she works hard for it. I have trouble focusing on one project, and seeing her make strides towards her goals is inspiring for my personal endeavors.”

When They Knew

But, when asked how they knew they were in love, the answers were beautifully different. For Conor, there were no specifics, “I didn’t have an exact moment when I knew I loved her. It gradually increased with each passing day up until I told her for the first time on October 26th, 2016.” But, Rissy realized her love as she looked at him across the table, “Mine was a moment of realization. We were in Vegas at the 5-star ‘Lavo’ restaurant. I was sitting across from him, and he was just looking at me, and in my head, I thought, ‘Wow. I think I love this guy.’ Then, from across the table, he just looked at me and said, ‘Me too.’ like he could read my mind through my facial expression.”

The Proposal Story

From that moment, they have grown and flourished as a couple, so Conor decided to seal the deal at Big Bear in California, “I was so nervous riding the lift to the top that I began to have a coughing fit. I had been holding onto the ring with a death grip, and all I was thinking was, ‘I really don’t want to drop the ring in the snow, because then it’s gone.’ After I proposed, we spent the rest of the day snowboarding. I couldn’t help but smile all day because this huge step I was taking was with THE woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.” Rissy remembers this moment vividly, “He took me to the top of Big Bear mountain where we have a spot that we always take a photo at. We got to the spot, and after taking our photo, he turned to me and said, ‘Wait…I don’t want to go another day into this new decade without you. Rissy Lynn Dollins, will you marry me?’”

Their Time at Chuze

As members of Chuze Fitness, and a couple that loves to stay active, Rissy and Conor spend a lot of time growing their relationship within the four walls of the gym, “When we both started working out at Chuze, it was a happy realization that we didn’t have to be doing the exact same thing to better ourselves. We both chose to workout and support one another in whatever endeavor we set out to accomplish which helped us do that same in everyday life.” Rissy even briefly taught Team Training and remembers fondly, “For a short period of time, I was a Team Training Coach at the Anaheim, California Chuze, and one of my favorite days was having Conor take my session for the first time. It was a moment I felt so proud to call him MY man because he was kicking butt in there.” 

Their Advice For You

When asking for their advice on love, they wanted to share this sentiment with you, our Chuze Family, “Wait for the person who is slow to anger, listens wholeheartedly, keeps you a priority, and encourages you to go after everything your heart is set on.” Conor continues, “Something I came across that really spoke to me was how your family is important, but the family you create is priority number one. The person that supports you and loves you unapologetically, that’s the person you would want to build a future with. Someone that will encourage you to be the best possible version of yourself in every situation.”

The Big News

As we celebrate the month of love, they decided to share this special announcement with us, “We set our wedding date for 1/19/2021!” Congratulations, Conor and Rissy, we are so grateful to have you as members and look forward to watching you learn from one another and grow even further in your love. 

We are so grateful for all of you, our members, for sharing your stories in love and self-love with us every single day. If you have a love story that you would like to share with our team, send it our way at We cannot wait to hear from you!

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21st Century Soldier – Train Like a Modern Marine

Marines are arguably the ultimate athletes. They take their body to the limit in a day to day bid to survive. Everything relies on them being physically capable of carrying out their task – no exception. So, it’s safe to say being as fit as a marine is something we all admire. Even city slickers …

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