Welcome to Run Fat Lad Run

Thanks for joining me on this journey, it could be a long one due to my procrastinate approach to things, I recently hit 40 so decided this blog could be a way to kick me up the backside in to doing things 

I spend a lot of time like i’m sure you all do looking, reading, watching things to do with fitness and well being, but fundamentally my main downfall is FOOD. 

Or maybe should I say, the wrong kinds of food coupled with my lazy approach to exercise it doesn’t bode well 

Which is why I have started this website to help and assist others and hopefully myself. 

I will be posting a lot of good content which has been read or watched by myself and has made it worth sharing with you guys. 

Along the way I hope to build up a community of people through my social networks that all help each other in becoming the best we have ever been together 



We will bring you the latest fitness work outs, exercises, stretches, and anything to get you moving again. 


Pulling together the best of the best around to keep you inundated with the best things out there when it comes to fitness and well-being.


Bringing you the latest from around the world to help you keep your dream goal on track, including for those blow out days. Whatever your preference’s and needs we will try to make sure you always have ideas for any time of the day.


Your exercise program will include strength training through dumbbells, kettle-bells, body-weight, resistance bands and TRX suspension straps. Angelica will incorporate high Intensity Interval Training to help you shed fat and gain muscle in half the time you would spend on a standard cardio machine


Exercising during your pregnancy will ensure you stay balanced mentally and physically at this crucial point in your life. You will gain increased core strength and stronger pelvic floor muscles to help prepare you for childbirth. The exercise program will be personally tailored and modified based on specific trimester.


Interested in Stand Up Paddling and a workout on the sand after? How about a beach run or jog on the Greenbelt? Angelica understands that not all clients enjoy typical circuit style workouts and is happy to take you outside the box while still giving you a quality workout experience.


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